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There's nothing worse than the dreaded sound of your HVAC unit going out especially right in the middle of summer or winter. But not to worry. When you need an HVAC provider than can quickly assess the problem, make speedy, cost-effective repairs or install a new, efficient system, there's no better choice than Canon Heating & Air Inc. We help you save money on your unit's repairs with preventative maintenance and making the necessary HVAC repairs before they become costly replacements. Specializing in heating and air repairs, vent cleaning, HVAC maintenance; we're Jacksonville, AR's go-to heating and air techs!

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Air conditioner just not working like it once was? Are you noticing strange noises or a delay in function? If so, don't hesitate to call Canon Heating & Air Inc! When you prolong the service call, you run the risk of overworking your HVAC system which could leave to greater costs in repairs down the line. With just a quick phone call, we'll arrive to your location and quickly diagnose the problem and begin making the necessary HVAC repairs. From broken fans to faulty heating pumps, we've got you covered.

We get it. Heating and air repairs can be a great source of worry and it can difficult letting someone in your home. But with nearly 20 years of experience working with residential clients throughout Central Arkansas, you can rest assured you'll get honest, timely service for a price you can afford!

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When it's time for a new heating and air system, our HVAC experts are ready to assist you! Specializing in Goodman and Maytag, we can give you a free estimate on HVAC installations and help you select the best heating and air system for your home. After all, having your HVAC system updated is a must when it goes out. Not only does it keep you and your family living in comfort but also helps increase your property value by thousands! Not only that, but a new, efficient heating adn air system can drastically cut down on monthly utility costs so while the price tag may look hefty initially, you're really saving yourself big time for the future! So leave it to Canon Heating & Air Inc when it's time for an upgrade!


HVAC maintenance may seem pointless to some but when you look at the bigger picture it's actually immensely beneficial to homeowners. Routine HVAC maintenance can significantly increase the lifespan of your unit. Even just having filters changes, vents cleaned and fluids checked for optimal performance, ensures that your heating and air system is running as it should. These checkups also help us catch small issues before they develop into costly repairs or worse, having to replace your unit entirely. By scheduling routine visits for cleaning and inspection, you could end up saving yourself thousands of dollars in the long run! We provide maintenance for all brands!


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